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Rahman Home Sales is the eXperience you want from Start to SOLD. We've been specializing in senior home sale services since 2007. Our Realtor, Beth, has been purchasing homes since 1996 and has helped sellers facing a variety of situations, including: divorce, probate, foreclosure, short sale, squatters, evictions, hoarding, and downsizing. She is engaged in providing superior services to each client and her goal is to provide complete and accurate information, enabling sellers to make decisions that best fit their unique situation.

Initially, Beth was purchasing homes 'off-market', meaning they were cash sales and she was working with the sellers directly.  She became licensed as a real estate broker in 2012, after hearing too many times that her clients didn't want to find someone else to work with when the cash offer didn't meet their needs. Obtaining her broker's license allowed her to better serve her clients with any real estate needs. Since then, she has helped numerous clients purchase a new home or sell their current home- sometimes helping with both transitions at once! She is Senior Real Estate Certified and certified as a VA Real Estate Professional. 

Beth has worked with home owners, guardians, probate attorneys, state agencies, and with family members acting as Power of Attorney. She is thorough and  meets every client's need with efficiency, effectiveness, and honesty. Call today for your free home valuation!

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Realtor, Investor, Broker

I am engaged in providing superior services to everyone I meet. My goal is to provide the most complete and accurate information to enable each client to make the decision that is in their best interest. I have extensive real estate knowledge and can find solutions for any real estate situation. I guarantee you will be more informed about your options, and the property, than you were before meeting me!   


Bullet helps maintain balance at the office, encouraging breaks from real estate research and making sure all principles maintain concentration and strength with regular intake of calories. He is adept at taking naps and functions well as a relaxation enabler. 

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